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Solar Water heater

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Heat Pipe Integrated Pressurized Tank(Evacuated Tube )

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Inner Pressurized Tank Production Line

Utilize Solar to Save The World

Our company has a number of highly qualified technical persons, internationally advanced testing equipment, and first-class production equipment and technology, and operates a perfect after-sales service and training services system. our products are exported to overseas countries and regions such as Mexico, USA, Turkey, Australia, Germany, UK, France, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Malta, Syria, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, UAE, Viet Nam, etc. over 50 countries, and have found favor in the eyes of customers. 

Why choose us

1.  Metatecno Solar has had top engineers and technicians in the industry since 1998

2. Competitive price

3. Focus on High Quality, reliable manufacturing products 

4. We have many stable and cooperative foreign companies, understand foreign markets and characteristics

5. We listen to our customers and constantly work to provide better and better products and services that are suited to local climates and markets.

6. We provide design-system or customized products which are suitable for the customer’s local market.

7. Commitment to fair labor practices, career advancement, and open communication throughout the company.

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