High Accuracy Inertial Sensor system (IMU)

Metatecno High Accuracy Inertial Sensor System(IMU) is a high performance, low cost inertial measurement unit, can be used for navigation, dynamic measurement and other occasions. After unaccountable  working hard days, we finally break through technically. Now our Inertial Sensor system can be used for Solar PV Power system, Large-Scale Mining Industrial Machinery and Agricultures. Current we can provide four Products. We are still working hard to develop more and more products for different applications. Mainly it’s 5V.


  • Small size
  • Light Weight
  • Stable Structure
  • High Reliability
  • Zero Bias Stability
  • Low Gyro Noise
  • Advance Gyro Vibration energy
  • DC voltage input
  • Digital Output
  • 5V power
  • Less than 1W Consumption

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