Enamel Tank production Line

Solar Pressurized Tank Production line

Usually we design pressurized tank line according to customer’s specifications. We also design electrical heater production line. Please send us mail [email protected] to get full details.

Enamel Tank Production Line Demonstration

Enamel Tank
Enamel Solar Tank

Enamel Tank Water Heater Corrosion Protection Technology

Porcelain Enamel Tank — is a trusted & proven technology for inner tank of water heaters. Used widely across the world, it is ideal for long life & trouble free performance in all kinds of water. More than 95% of water heaters produced worldwide are with enamel tanks. Excellent corrosion protection due to fusion of glass layer to metal.

Porcelain or Glass Enameled Tank Advantages

  • Makes the system suitable for all kinds of water.
  • No scaling or dirt deposits occur inside the tank.
  • Since glass is a good insulator of heat, water remains hot for longer
  • Acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.
  • No leakage, no seepage, good sealing performance.
  • Hot water is better than other tanks. (requires heat-resistant strips)
  • The interior of the enamel tank is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Gives you clean and hygienic water for bathing purposes.
  • Ensures no Particle react with the tank
  • High quality international standard glass coating keeps the tank free of rust and corrosion

Solar Photovoltaic(PV) Mounting Structure

Technical Information                                                                                        

  • Installation SiteFlat Roof or pitched roof
  • Material: Aluminum 6005-T5 & SUS 304
  • Max Wind Speed: <60m / s
  • Max Snow Load:  <1.4 KN / M2
  • Fixed Angle: 5°~ 30°
  • Warranties: 12 Years

Features & Benefits                                                                                            

a)   Non-Penetrating to roof

b)   Pre-assembled parts for simple and fast installation

c)    Minimize roof space limitation

d)   Fixed angle or adjustable angle both acceptable

e)   Rail-less

f)    Suitable for all orientations installation

g)    Optimize high power production

Install Site:

Installation Site: Flat Roof or Pitched Roof

Module Orientation:Portrait or Landscape
Max. Wind Speed:≤60m/s
Max. Snow Load:≤1.4kn/m2
Fixed Angle:5°-60°
Anti-corrosive Treatment:Shot Blasting or Anodize
Adjustable Angle:5°-15°, 15°-30°, 30°-60°

Anodized Aluminum 6005-T5 & Stainless Steel 304

Warranties:12 years warranties & 20 years service life
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