Why Choose Us

1. Xinwei Machinery has been operating in the solar thermal/solar water heating equipment field for more than 10 years providing invaluable product design experience. We make solar manufacturing equipment for solar production line, we can deliver a complete solar collector factory to you, set up, training, provide factory design, collector design, collector components, raw materials if needed. Also we can arrange certification needed like SRCC, Keymark, etc. Get a complete production line from one supplier, one support for everything, for needed equipment and manufacturing process.
2. Focus on High Quality, reliable manufacturing products 3. We have been exporting solar water heaters machinery to many countries.
4.Strong technical training and system design services for industry professionals
5.We listen to our customers, and constantly work to provide better and better products and services that we are suited to local climates and market.
6. Strong, responsive customer support.
7. Comprehensive warranties on all products.
8. ISO9001:2008 Quality Management certified operation 9.Belief in our products and strong drive to make tangible impact on climate change and awareness and action 10.Commitment to fair labor practices, career advancement and open communication throughout the company