How It Works

What is Solar Water Heater Manufacturing & Production Equipment?
Normally people will think it is easy to explain how solar water heater machinery works.Before understanding this, you need to understand whats including solar water heater machinery. General speaking, it is including Inner Tank Machine Production Line,Outer Tank Machine Production Line, PUF machine, Frame Machine Production Line and Evacuated Tube Solar(or Solar Vacuum Tube)Production Line. Let’s explain as below:
1. Inner Tank Machine Production Line normally includes Stainless Steel Cutting Machine Production line,Punching machine, Welding machine(TIG or MIG Welding Machine) or Non-Welding Machine(especially design for bad water quality area,like India),Inner Tank Strength(optional for customers, some customer like to use inner tank strength, but we suggest customer to use it),Inner Side Cover Machine.

2. Outer Tank Machine Production Line normally includes Stainless Steel or Color Steel or Galvanized Steel Cutting machine Production(can be the same machine as inner tank sheet cutting),Punching machine, Pressing Machine, Tenon Press Machine, Outer Tank Necking Machine, Outer Side Cover Production Machine.

3. PUF Machine, there is available for manual PUF Rack, 8tools or 10tools or more PUF Platform

4.Frame Machine Production Line includes Front Leg Forming Machine, Outer Tank Supporter Machine, Pressing Machine,Tube Holder Machine(Folding Machine and Punching Machine).

5.Evacuated Tube Solar Machine includes Furnace(melting raw materials and forming in different diamater, For example 58mm or 47mm) and Solar Vacuum Tube Production Line(Inner Tube rounding, outer tube rounding, Inner tube&Outer Tube sealing, Inner Tube Coating, Vacuum Station, high frequency,etc).

After you have all the above manufacturing equipment, you can produce full sets of Solar Water Heaters(Non-Pressurized Tank systems & Pressurized Tank System, not including Split Pressurized System) We are mainly provide No.1-4 Solar Water Heater Machinery.People in the world usually buy No.1-4 equipment to start manufacturer, because investing solar evacuated tube production machines is quite lots of money and the most important thing is raw materials of Borosilicate is mainly coming from Turkey, Chile, USA. And Turkey has largest reserve and good quality in the world. Currently Turkish government has limited exporting volume to other countries. China has big market and started manufacturing solar evacuated tube earlier than Turkey. China has technology(know-how), because Chinese invent solar vacuum tube. Now Turkish government push domestic manufacturer to produce locally because they have increased very high imported duty for importers. In that case, raw materials will be big problems for other countries. But why China can survive and exist? As I said, China has know-how and start earlier. We have very successful supply chains. Other countries can not compete with us. That’s one of reason Chinese product cost is lower than Turkey.Even Turkey has factory locally. Back to No.1-4 Machineries, the raw materials will not be controlled by other countries, because all raw materials can be purchased locally. For example, Stainless Steel, India has big factory to supply Stainless Steel.